“The next time I ride a PWC, I will ride one with an EZ Throttle installed!”

I am a female in my mid fifties. I took my niece to the beach for some fun and sun. We thought it would be fun to rent a Waverunner, so we rented one for an hour. We were having a great time but about 15 minutes into our ride time, my right hand got a severe cramp in it and I could no longer hold the finger throttle down to make the Waverunner go because of the pain. I tried to use my left hand but that didn’t work. I could not steer the machine because my body was contorted! My niece was too young to drive, so I had to explain to her, much to her disappointment that we had to return the Waverunner early because I could no longer drive it. I simply did not have the hand strength to keep riding. My hand was hurting so bad! Later that week, I was having lunch with my friend and I told her about my experience and my disappointed niece. She told me about EZ Throttle and the difference it had made in her comfort and ride time. The next time I ride a PWC, I will ride one with an EZ Throttle installed!  I sure wish I had one that day so I could have stayed out on the water longer with my niece.

– Kim C.
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