EZ Throttle Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take the EZ Throttle off when I want to?

A. Yes you can, but once you install the EZ Throttle and find out how much easier it makes the ride, we think you’ll choose not to remove it very often.  Just remember that removing and reinstalling the EZ Throttle may result in wear and tear on the screws. View our installation videos…


Q. Can I store my personal water craft with my canvas cover on and keep the EZ Throttle in place?

A. Most covers will fit over the EZ Throttle without any problems, but if you have a very tight-fitting cover, you may want to avoid damaging the EZ Throttle by removing it for storage. You can easily remove the EZ Throttle and store it in your PWC storage compartment along with the required Allen wrenches.


Q. Will I be able to go full speed on my personal water craft with the EZ Throttle installed?

A. Yes you will. When properly installed, the square window in the bottom of the EZ Throttle lets your existing throttle sit flush in the window. Then when the set screws are properly tightened, it allows you to get full throttle extension to the handle bar.


Q. Do I have to remove my existing throttle to install the EZ Throttle?

A. No.  The EZ Throttle was designed to fit right over your existing finger throttle giving you full control and comfort. View our installation videos…


Please watch the short video and see for yourself just how easy it is to install your EZ Throttle.


Have a question about EZ Throttle?  Email us at info@EZ-Throttle.com!

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