“The next time I ride a PWC, I will ride one with an EZ Throttle installed!”

I am a female in my mid fifties. I took my niece to the beach for some fun and sun. We thought it would be fun to rent a Waverunner, so we rented one for an hour. We were having a great time but about 15 minutes into our ride time, my right hand got a severe cramp in it and I could no longer hold the finger throttle down to make the Waverunner go because of the pain. I tried to use my left hand but that didn’t work. I could not steer the machine because my body was contorted! My niece was too young to drive, so I had to explain to her, much to her disappointment that we had to return the Waverunner early because I could no longer drive it. I simply did not have the hand strength to keep riding. My hand was hurting so bad! Later that week, I was having lunch with my friend and I told her about my experience and my disappointed niece. She told me about EZ Throttle and the difference it had made in her comfort and ride time. The next time I ride a PWC, I will ride one with an EZ Throttle installed!  I sure wish I had one that day so I could have stayed out on the water longer with my niece.

– Kim C.
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Full Hand Extension Makes the Ride Much More Enjoyable

My wife and I own a SeaDoo personal watercraft. We are active “seniors” that are still enjoying the good life, living on the water and the great outdoors.  One great pleasure is taking leisurely cruises around the shore of a nearby lake.  We bought an EZ Throttle when a neighbor recommended it.  He said it helped him enjoy riding his PWC again. He has arthritis in his fingers and it helped with the pain in his hand.  We tried it and love it! The full hand extension makes the ride much more enjoyable. We take our time now and can cruise the whole lake if we feel like it! Thank you for giving us that choice!

– Marcus L.
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Gave Me a Great Edge on My Competition

I race PWC’s and recently tried an EZ Throttle extension on my PWC during a coastal race. It made a huge difference in my racing ability by making my PWC much easier to maneuver in the waves because I was able to keep full speed capacity. I liked having a full hand grip on the throttle and the rubber hand grip was so comfortable.  It gave me a great edge on my competition.  Thanks!

– Richard W.
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Increased Our Fun and Ride Time on Our Personal Water Craft!

I am a mother of 3 little boys.  This summer we vacationed on a recreational lake in Florida, like we have many times in the past. My boys absolutely love to ride behind our Waverunner on a large inflatable raft. They will ride on that raft for as long as my husband or I will pull them.  This summer, we purchased an EZ Throttle and what a difference it made! In years past, we had to limit our time on the raft pulling due to hand cramps from pulling back on the small finger throttle on the Waverunner. The EZ Throttle was easy to attach to the existing throttle on our Waverunner and what a difference it made for our fun time pulling the raft! We could stay out much longer because our hands didn’t cramp up any longer. It was also nice for taking long cruises around the lake. It’s great! Thank you for this easy accessory that reduces the “hand pain” and increases our fun and ride time on our personal water craft.

– Traci R.
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