About EZ Throttle

The idea of the EZ Throttle came into existence when my family moved to a lake and bought a personal watercraft (PWC) for fun times with our children and friends.

We were having a ball and enjoying lake-living, however, there was a big problem. Every time we rode our watercraft, whether pulling the kids behind on the tube or just cruising around the lake, my hand would cramp up. Most of the standard grips on PWC’s are very small and narrow, so I was pulling back the throttle with only two fingers.  Hand cramps were limiting our fun time on the water.

Whether they lived on the lake or came to play on the weekends, nearly everyone I talked to had the same problem with the tiny standard PWC throttle.  A friend told me how she had rented a PWC at the beach but had to return it early because her hand was numb and she could no longer drive it.  I knew there had to be a solution, so I invented the EZ Throttle. EZ Throttle is fast and simple to install and can be removed easily.

The EZ Throttle is designed so you pull the throttle back with your full hand, for better control of your watercraft with no more hand cramps! Anyone who owns, rents or rides a Wave runner, Sea Doo or Kawasaki needs an EZ Throttle PWC grip. Racers will absolutely love this accessory.  Whether young, old or in-between, everyone loves the EZ Throttle.

Buy EZ Throttle now and try it on your next PWC ride. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you did!

Ron Ripple, inventor of the EZ Throttle

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